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The NBA pulls a Roger Goodell, completely get ruling wrong

By: Tim Van Duyne

The Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavs were playing a crucial game five on Tuesday night. The Bulls came out strong in the first quarter. The Cavs dominated in the second period. After the third quarter the Cavs led the Bulls 80-71.

Then the fourth quarter happened.

At first glance, it looked like Taj Gibson made a punk move and kicked the Cavs token scrappy-bad-try hard-energy guy Matthew Dellavedova, but upon replay the whole world saw what really happened. Continue reading


Joakim Noah outworked everyone for DPOY



By: Tim Van Duyne

The 2013-14 Chicago Bulls lost former MVP Derrick Rose 10 games into the season due to another injury. The front office traded away its only other star player, Luol Deng, midway through the season. But somehow the Bulls still managed to win 48 games and ended the season as the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference.

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