The Powerhouse That is the Missouri Valley Football Conference

By: Tim Van Duyne

Today I wrote I piece for the Illinois State blog about how the MVFC is the SEC of the FCS. The parallels between the two conferences are impressive.

If I asked you which college football conference has been home to the last three national champions, has had a team host ESPN’s College GameDay the past two years, and oh yeah, currently has eight teams in the top 25 poll, what would your answer be? The Southeastern Conference (SEC)? Guess again. I’m talking about the Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC).

Check out the whole piece on the MVFC.


Song of the Day: “i” Kendrick Lamar

By: Tim Van Duyne

Last week K-Dot release a single titled “i”. Kendrick samples the Isley Brothers hit song “Who’s That Lady” in this fast paced, funky track about loving yourself. Continue reading

Quit Hating! Baseball Deserves to Celebrate

By: Tim Van Duyne

The MLB playoffs started in grand fashion Tuesday night. The Kansas City Royals – a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 1985– won a marathon game against the Oakland A’s overcoming a four-run deficit in the 8th inning to force extras. Then trailing by one run in the 12th inning, the Royals plated two runners and walked off in front their raucous Kansas City crowd. They promptly party their collective asses off.

Of course people have a problem with this. Lately I’ve heard people grumbling about how baseball teams celebrate too much. They celebrate a pennant. They celebrate a wild card. They celebrate after a divisional series win. They celebrate a league series win. Blah blah blah. Continue reading

Theo and Jed work their magic, again



By: Tim Van Duyne

It’s been rumored all season long that the Chicago Cubs were going to move its ace pitcher in Jeff Samardzija. He was the Cubs biggest and most impressive piece to move, and Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein, and Cubs’ GM, Jed Hoyer, got the job done. Continue reading