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New Music Monday: 3005 Pt. 2

By: Tim Van Duyne

A remix to Childish Gambino’s hit single 3005 was released to the internet and SoundCloud today. Titled 3005 Pt. 2, it is similar to the first with remastered beats and “chipmunked” back-up-vocals. Childish does more singing than rapping in this mellow song. Enjoy. Continue reading


Beats By Dre Banned by NFL in New Deal with Bose

By: Tim Van Duyne

Dr. Dre has made a fortune off of his popular noise-cancelling headphones Beats By Dre (Dre made a cool $620 million this past year). If you have watched NFL games the past two years you should have noticed commercials with NFL players like Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman wearing the slick headphones. Pretty much every player listening to music before and after games has picked Beats by Dre as their headphones of choice.

Well you won’t see that anymore. Continue reading



Let’s travel back to 1994 when the rap game was at its finest. Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie aka Big Papa, released his debut album Ready To Die and the lead single was Juicy. The song a was hit back then and it’s still popular today as it can still be heard on the airwaves. “It was all a dream…”