Quit Hating! Baseball Deserves to Celebrate

By: Tim Van Duyne

The MLB playoffs started in grand fashion Tuesday night. The Kansas City Royals – a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 1985– won a marathon game against the Oakland A’s overcoming a four-run deficit in the 8th inning to force extras. Then trailing by one run in the 12th inning, the Royals plated two runners and walked off in front their raucous Kansas City crowd. They promptly party their collective asses off.

Of course people have a problem with this. Lately I’ve heard people grumbling about how baseball teams celebrate too much. They celebrate a pennant. They celebrate a wild card. They celebrate after a divisional series win. They celebrate a league series win. Blah blah blah.

MLB teams get to celebrate!

Baseball is different from other sports. The season is just so much longer than that of the NFL, NBA and NHL. The MLB season is 162 games spanning six months. That’s a marathon. You may or may not have ran a marathon – I haven’t, but if I did I would be celebrating my ass off, win or lose.

It’s incredibly hard to make the playoffs in the MLB. Ask the Brewers. Ask the A’s. Two teams that held first place in their division for the majority of the season. The A’s scuffled in September and fell out of first place and barely squeaked into to the final wildcard by winning game 162. The Brewers completely fell apart down the stretch and missed out on the playoffs after being in first place for 150 days of the season.

It’s hard to make the playoffs!

So when teams do make the playoffs they get to celebrate that feat. They get to pop champagne, chug beers and use their teeth to open two beers at the same time (Yasiel Puig).

NBA teams usually celebrate a conference championship and of course a title. NFL teams do the same thing. Hockey is weird and they have all their sacred rules about celebrating and touching the cup. But baseball gets to celebrate each round they advance.

Party on MLB!


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