Oh my god! Joel Embiid used to be a twig

By Tim Van Duyne

Joel Embiid hasn’t been playing basketball for very long. He literally just picked up a basketball a little over three years ago. Clearly, he also didn’t pick up a dumbbell until three years ago either. Just check out the two photos above juxtaposed.

He has also learned the art of social media. Embiid has been one of the better twitter follows (@JoelEmbiid) already – he’s hit on Kim Kardashian, was the last person to find out she was married, moved onto Rihanna, tweeted that they had dinner together, and unsuccessfully recruited LeBron James, then blocked him – and it seems like you should follow him on instagram.

The former Kansas Jayhawk star learned the game of basketball from scratch. He became good; went to Kansas. Then he overshadowed former Jayhawk teammate and 1st overall pick in this year’s NBA draft, Andrew Wiggins. He became so good that he was just about the consensus player to take with the 1st pick in the draft, until he broke his foot. To say Embiid’s progression has been rapid, is an understatement.

If Embiid continues at this pace, he will become the greatest basketball player of all time…Ok, that may be a little hyperbolic, but he sure has transformed his body and game in a short time. He’s also learned the secret to becoming a “Twitter genius”. A Twinius!

Is there anything this man can’t do (besides get with Kim K)? That answer is TBD.


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