Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima shows Americans how to play futbol

By: Tim Van Duyne

Supermodel Adriana Lima and Kia have teamed up to bring us a few commercials promoting this week’s much-anticipated World Cup. And the world thanks them.

The Brazilian star rolls up (literally in a Kia Optima) to an American football practice and shows the youngsters what futbol is in her country of Brazil (the host country of this year’s World Cup). She gets out of the Optima in stilettos and proceeds to kick the ball at one lucky guy. Now I know she didn’t actually kick the ball in stilettos, but let’s just pretend she did, because a beautiful woman kicking a ball in stilettos is one of the best things in this world.

You may have recognized Ms. Lima from other commercials, including this one from this year’s Super Bowl. She also has a couple more Kia/FIFA commercials.

The goal of these commercials is to hype up soccer’s biggest tournament in a country that doesn’t pay too much attention to soccer, especially not international soccer. I’m not the biggest soccer or futbol fan, but I will try to devote as much of my attention to this year’s World Cup.


Well this is suppose to be one of the best USA teams that the US has fielded in recent history. If the US go far in this tournament, they will have to beat some of the best competition in the world. Facing teams like Portugal, Germany and Ghana.

And if not for anything else, I’ll get to see a few more of those Kia commercials featuring the beautiful Adriana Lima.


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