Durant’s ridiculous 4-point play in

By: Tim Van Duyne

Kevin Durant made a ridiculously tough three-pointer while falling out of bounds in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 111-105 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies Monday night. He was also fouled on the play and KD converted the rare, and in this case near impossible, four-point play.

Here is the video below, including a super-slow motion replay with Will Ferrell’s version of Time to say Goodbye from Step Brothers under it.

Before that play the Thunder trailed the Grizzlies by five points with just 18 seconds to play, so the game was pretty much over at that point. But once Durant connected on the most improbable of four-point plays, the game was up for grabs. Mike Conley made one of two free throws on the next Grizzlies possession to leave the door open for the Thunder. Russell Westbrook heaved a three-pointer to win it with four seconds left, which rimmed out right into the hands of Kendrick Perkins who immediately laid it in as the buzzer sounded to force OT.

But in overtime Zach Randolph was too much for the Thunder, as he scored eight of his 25 points in the extra period.

Memphis won 111-105 to knot the series up at one game a piece.



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