Mason Plumlee rejects LeBron at the rim for the win

By: Tim Van Duyne

The NBA season is coming to an end and teams are beginning to play like it means something. Lastnight it was a match-up between the no. 1 seed and no. 5 seed in the East.

The Miami Heat are trying to wrap up the number one seed, with the Pacers just a half game back. The Brooklyn Nets are trying to move into the fourth slot in the east. The Heat-Nets match-up is also a potential second round pairing in the playoffs.

Tuesday night’s game was a good one throughout. It came down to the last possession. Down one, Miami made a huge defensive stop with 11 seconds left in the game. Erik Spoelstra elected to not call a timeout and let his team do what they do best – score in transition.

King James passed to Rashard Lewis for a chance at the game-winner, but Lewis drew three defenders and dished it back to James.

Enter Mason Plumlee.

Down one with 4 ticks left, James went up for the game-winning two-hand stuff, but Plumlee met King James at the rim and rejected the four-time MVP.

Of course James claimed he was fouled on the play. But in that situation you can’t call that a foul. It was just a great defensive play by Plums.

Oh yeah, with the win, the Nets completed the sweep of the Heat, making Brooklyn the only team to accomplish that feat.

With the playoffs around the corner, the NBA is really heating up. It would be a very interesting series to see the Heat and Nets battle for a chance at the Eastern Conference Finals.


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