Predicting team’s championship with a tattoo; not smart

By: Tim Van Duyne

Sports attract the wackiest and weirdest people. Fans are always trying to one-up the next fan and show why he or she is the most die-hard. The latest phenomenon is the championship tattoo before the team wins that championship.

This may be the dumbest thing that someone could do. A tattoo, like a championship, is permanent. So why would anyone want to permanently mark their body with a championship logo for a championship that hasn’t even happened yet?

Well, lastnight, when UCONN defeated Kentucky in the men’s basketball national championship, resulted in yet another failed team championship tattoo.  Tyler Black, a diehard Kentucky basketball fan, tatted his leg up with the 2014 Kentucky National Championship stamp before the tournament even started.

UK Tat

He even changed the “O” in national to a “9”, because if the Wildcats would have won Monday night it would have been the programs ninth basketball championship. Ballsy.

Every fan thinks their team can win the championship, but not every fan gets it tattooed on them midway through the season. This is just an attempt to get their 15 minutes of fame and show to the world that he or she is the number one fan for such and such team.

One fan guessed right when he tattooed the Seattle Seahawks logo with “XLVIII Champs” underneath. Tim Connors did so in August, way before Seattle was considered Super Bowl contenders. Connors got lucky, because the Seahawks ended up winning Super Bowl 48, but Connors is in the minority with these team tattoos.

A Denver Broncos’ fan went out and did the exact same thing as Connors before Super Bowl 48, but the Bronco’s fan now has a mistake on his back for the rest of his life. Broncos Fan FailWith example after example of failed tattoos, why would you go ink yourself up before the final buzzer goes off? Either don’t tattoo a team logo on yourself at all (because all team tattoos look stupid anyways), or at least wait until your team ACTUALLY wins a championship.



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